Did You Just SEE That Kangaroo?

Chloe cooking Kangaroo burgers on BBQ in Australia

Kangaroo burgers anyone?

Me cooking a kangaroo burger in Melbourne, Australia

Yes okay this is me cooking a Kangaroo burger and they were surprisingly nice!

When arriving to Australia, first stop Melbourne, we met up with Ben’s Aunty, JT.

She then proceeded to take us to Melbourne zoo where I was maybe a little too excited to see some Kangaroos.. which did lead me to want to eat one.. what, don’t you get that too? No?

First impressions of Oz was that my god it was hot! and then the more we explored and walked around, the more I noticed something very strange. So strange I started to think that everyone was playing a joke on me. Continue reading

Amsterdam And Me

Chloe and Ben standing in a gay bar in AmsterdamSo, here I am, having been pondering whether or not I had the balls and the consistency to set up my own blog, I am now currently curled up in my Mum’s bed thinking WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE ABOUT? AHH!

But then it hit me. The whole point in me setting up this blog was to share with you and document what I am up to, with this bizarre yet unique lifestyle I have stumbled upon when meeting and falling in love with my extremely outrageous boyfriend, Ben.

Now Ben is no ordinary man, with no ordinary job. Ben travels the world with a band, playing in the most amazing cities.

I know what you’re thinking- “What could possibly be so outrageous?” but in actual fact the most recently outrageous thing I have gotten to experience with Ben is a very interesting Sex Show, in the Amsterdam Red Light District, where I got to see in full view, Miss Banana Girl… Continue reading